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Art & Design. Illustrating For The Corporate Market.

mds_1 copyThe topic of what separates design and art can sometimes be convoluted and is quite often debated.

Designers and artists use what would be considered shared knowledge of sorts but often their approach for doing so is different.

Some designers consider themselves artists, but few artists consider themselves designers.

Part of my creative history involved working as an illustrator and designer many years ago. In order to stand out in what was a very competitive market, I developed an illustrative technique that appealed to many designers, design studios and agencies.

I did many illustrations for both the corporate and editorial market here in Canada and the United States. Many of these illustrations ended up in corporate art collections. The process involved the use of ultra violet light exposed to canvas. Here’s how it worked:

Nu Arc Plate MakerThe equipment I used was a Nu-Arc printer’s vacuum frame. It has a flip-top and uses a vacuum to pull the plate and negative against the glass, but rather than use a plate I would use canvas and colour keys instead of a negative. I would load it with the lid up, close the glass lid, turn on the vacuum, and when it would be pulled up to maximum vacuum (note the gauge that tells the vacuum), I would then flip it over and expose it using the timer. After exposure it would get flipped back, the vacuum then turned off, glass would then be opened and canvas removed.

TheNu-Arc printer uses carbon rods for an arc light for exposure. Once the canvas would be removed, chemicals would be applied to the canvas to develop the colour key. The canvas would be put back in the vacuum frame with a different colour key for another exposure. Different colour keys and oil stains would be used to achieve different effects.



My progression into becoming a visual artist was natural and sensical. To see my work, please visit 

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